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We all wish that there was some magic formula that could be used to get us lots of big lottery wins. Well, a mathematician from New South Wales in Australia claims that he has one and it’s won him over $400,000 playing the Saturday Lotto draw.

The Australian lottery player has asked to remain anonymous, just like the recent winner of a $50m Australian Powerball jackpot.

He says that he’s had seven lottery wins and in all he’s won a total of $421,753.52.  Multiple wins can happen, and it did for a Frenchman who had two €1m EuroMillions wins in eighteen months. In the USA, Californian Antulio Mazariegos, won $6m on lottery scratch cards in six months. months,

Most of those have been small wins but he hit the big time when he was one of eleven people who won the Saturday Lotto jackpot in the June 16 draw winning him £234,437.37.

After his latest win, he revealed his unique method of choosing his Saturday Lotto numbers. “I do a little bit of mathematics and I use a mathematical formula to choose my numbers,” he said. The Saturday Lotto winner works on the fact that some numbers are drawn out more than others. He now keeps a spreadsheet that “helps me even those out” and that helps him “spread the combination of numbers I choose.”

However, his spreadsheet hadn’t been updated with the numbers for the previous Wednesday’s Lotto draw as he’d forgotten to check the numbers. He decided to choose his numbers based on the data he already had, and it resulted in him winning a share of the Saturday Lotto jackpot.

A lot of lottery winners use their windfall to pay off the mortgage on their home. That’s what $315.3m Powerball winner, Tayeb Souami from New Jersey, USA did. For this Saturday Lotto winner, he’s going to pay off the shack he has on a farm. He also plans to buy a ride-on lawnmower “so I don’t have to worry about mowing acres of land on a push mower.” In England, Sue Richards and Barry Maddox won £3m on a National Lottery scratch card and celebrate by mowing the shape of a bottle of champagne into their lawn.

Other plans for his Saturday Lotto win include buying a new car and to “get back into some hobbies.” The winning numbers in the Saturday Lotto draw were 02-08-12-22-26-45 and the supplementary numbers 01 and 38.

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