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European players are chasing two of the largest lottery jackpots available at present. The top prize in the EuroJackpot draw remains at the maximum €90m for this Friday’s draw. 24 hours before that, the La Primitiva jackpot is €56m. Will this be the week when one or both of the jackpots will be won? The fact is though that that even if the jackpot isn’t won, there are still plenty of chances to become lottery millionaires.

Let’s start with Thursday’s La Primitiva draw where the jackpot is €56m. This is the world’s oldest established lottery with a staggering 250-year history. The current jackpot is nowhere near the largest prize ever won in its history. Back in October 2015 there had been 56 rollovers before one ticket was able to match the six main numbers and the Reintegro to win a €101.7m La Primitiva jackpot. Back in 2014, a male player from Barcelona in Spain won a €36,016,491.72 La Primitiva jackpot. Perhaps this Thursday is when another massive La Primitiva jackpot will be won.

Meanwhile the EuroJackpot top prize remains at its maximum limit of €90m. That means as each week goes by without the jackpot being won, the pool for the second-tier increases. Recently that meant three tickets winning a €7.3m EuroJackpot prize for matching the five main numbers and one of the EuroNumbers. Last Friday’s draw saw over €23m in runners-up prizes awarded but the big jackpot remains elusive with player trying to follow in the footsteps of a player from the Czech Republic who in May 2015 was lucky enough to win a €90m EuroJackpot windfall.

The EuroJackpot draw has been producing larger top prizes since 2014. That was when a rule change was introduced after more countries started to play the lottery. Last year saw a record 11 jackpot wins in the EuroJackpot draw.

So far 2018 has seen the top prize in the EuroJackpot draw won on three occasions. In February a ticket sold in Finland, who have had their fair share of big wins in this lottery, won €90m playing the EuroJackpot draw.

So, there are, two massive jackpots in the La Primitiva and EuroJackpot draws just waiting to be won. Whoever does land them will see their lives changed forever just like the winner of a $20m Australian Powerball jackpot earlier this year. Hopefully the coming days will be the ones when these jackpots finally get won.

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