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The winner of a $22.3 million New Zealand Powerball jackpot has revealed that he bought his ticket on a whim because he saw that the jackpot was high.

The lucky winner, who is from Central Otago, won the largest NZ Powerball prize to have been paid out on the South Island of New Zealand. “I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post that Powerball was $22 million that night,” the lucky Powerball winner said. A couple from Montreal in Canada won $55million after buying a Lotto Max ticket on a whim because of the high jackpot.

“I thought that would be pretty sweet, so I bought a ticket through the Lotto NZ App and didn’t think any more of it,” the New Zealand man said. A woman from New Zealand who won $1 million on the NZ Lotto was in floods of tears when she won her prize after buying a ticket on an impulse.

It wasn’t until a few days after the draw that the man, in his 20s, thought any more about it, and decided to check his numbers while hanging out with his best friend after work. “I watched the numbers circle off on my ticket,” the New Zealand Powerball winner described. “After the first couple I thought that’s pretty lucky. Then I saw all six numbers circled and lined up in a row and didn’t really know what to think – then the Powerball came as well.” A Bonus Match 5 winner from Maryland took a long time to believe that he had won $50,000 earlier this year.

The lottery winner showed his phone to his friend, telling him that he thought he’d won the New Zealand Powerball. “’Is this real’?” the winner recalled. He then called his parents, who were convinced it was a joke, and the lucky Powerball player said that he began to doubt himself and went to bed not sure at all.

The next morning, however, he woke up to a message from his father with a link to an article about a local jackpot winner on the New Zealand Powerball. “There are only so many times it can be a coincidence,” he said. Just like some People’s Postcode Lottery winners in Coventry in England who planned holidays and homes with their windfalls, the lucky man was still in shock when his win was confirmed by the New Zealand Powerball  officials, but he is now planning to buy himself a house, some land, and a boat. “The big thing for me is making sure I really set myself up for the future.” A Lotto Max winner from Kingston in Ontario, Canada, talked about buying a boat after winning over $250,000.

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