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A great grandfather from Virginia has won $10,710 on the Maryland Mega Millions thanks to his use of family birthdays from four generations.

The lucky winner and his wife decided to travel from their hometown in West Virginia into Maryland to play their family’s birth dates on the Mega Millions lottery on June 12th, and four out of the five chosen by the winner matched numbers chosen in the drawing. All four generations of the family attending Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim their Mega Millions prize this week. Lots of lottery players use family birthdays as their number selections on tickets, including another recent Maryland winner who took home $50,000 on the Powerball lottery thanks to her choice of family birthdays.

The great grandfather plays the lottery the most out of the whole family, according to his wife, and it is he who chooses the numbers whenever they buy Mega Millions tickets. “He plays every week,” said the great grandmother, adding that it is often she and her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter who travel to Baltimore to buy tickets and claim their prizes.We’ve previously told you about another West Virginia winner who scooped $1 million on the Powerball game.

The lucky Mega Millions winner also enjoys Powerball, and according to his wife his choice of birth dates in the past has won him small prizes worth between $2 and $10. “He says he wants to win big for me in case anything happens to him,” she said of her husband, adding that they plan to spend their $10,710 Mega Millions prize wisely, with plans including a new refrigerator and a set of tyres for her car. “She’ll probably go shopping, too!” added her granddaughter.Earlier this month we told you about a couple from Ontario in Canada who planned to use their Lotto Max winnings sensibly and put a deposit down on a new home.

A great grandfather from Madeley in England planned to spend his EuroMillions winnings on a mobility scooter for his wife, while another Maryland lottery winning grandmother said that her grandchildren were set to have a very happy holiday when she won $50,000 on a scratch card just before Christmas.

The West Virginia couple bought their lucky Mega Millions ticket from H&S Liquors on McCullen Highway in Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland.

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