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The Spanish Christmas lottery is available now at Lottery24

The Spanish Christmas lottery is available now at Lottery24, just in time for the 2019 festive period. With the holidays approaching, not only are we thinking about presents, trees and traditions, we’re also thinking about the giant El Gordo.

The biggest lottery prize pool in the world

El Gordo is the world’s biggest lottery prize pool. Hailing from sunny Spain, El Gordo is the Spanish Christmas Lottery, also known as Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad.

The lottery’s total prize pool is worth a huge £2.1 billion but the drawing only takes place once a year.

Start the festive period off with a bang!

This year, the drawing is the weekend before Christmas, on December 22 2019. It’s called “El Gordo” because it translates from Spanish to “the fat one”; referring to the massive prize fund.

The top prize, or the jackpot, is worth around £3.5 million. Apart from the jackpot, there are another 17 different prize tiers, giving players a huge chance of winning big.

Christmas Lottery ticket

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is also different in another way. It doesn’t run like most lotteries. Instead, its format is more like a raffle.

Tickets are sold with each line consisting of five digits printed in series of hundreds. There could potentially be dozens of people with the same five digits on their ticket, each winning a life-changing lottery prize.

A great opportunity to play and win together!

The other difference is the cost of the Spanish Christmas Lottery. A whole ticket costs a huge £249.99. Because of this, many people in Spain club together and buy 1/10 of a line each, called a Decimo.

Often, once the Spanish Christmas Lottery has been drawn, we hear stories of multiple winners in the same town or village, or whole families winning together. This is because they generally all play together, giving them a better chance of winning big.

But you don’t have to live in Spain to play. Lottery24 has tickets for the Christmas Lottery available now. Choose your Decimo and keep an eye out for the result on December 22 2019.

Buy your Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets for 2019 now with Lottery24.