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Will the Most Popular EuroMillions numbers make you a millionaire?

Friday 5 June could be a momentous day for players buying EuroMillions tickets from Lottery24. There’s a £25m jackpot on the line and it’d be the best day of your life if that heads your way. Knowing which the most popular numbers are drawn could just help that become a reality.

We need all the help we can get to help us achieve our dreams. When it comes to choosing our numbers, there are many ways in which this can be done. You can just choose numbers that are important to you and hope they will lead to winning a fantastic EuroMillions jackpot. Other players just have a lucky dip or choose the first numbers that come into your head.

Those methods are ok and do indeed create big wins. For example, a $30,070 Keno prize was won in Maryland, USA, with numbers that came via a fortune cookie.

Check the Stats

A bit of research into the numbers drawn though can also pay dividends. Going back over the EuroMillions draws held since September 2016 shows that the most popular numbers drawn are 20 and 23. They have both been drawn out on 52 occasions, just ahead of 27 (49 times) with 17 and 38 both drawn 47 times.

None of those numbers came out in Tuesday’s draw, so perhaps they might be due to make an appearance on Friday. When it comes to the Lucky Stars, 2 has been drawn 82 times, nine ahead of 3.

Overall, since this lottery began in 2004, the number 23 has been seen most with 157 appearances, just ahead of 44 with 153 and 50 with 150.

Recent Trends

Those stats go back over a four-year period but what about the most recent EuroMillions draws? The number 4 has appeared in two of the last three draws. Single digit numbers have been making regular appearances of late. Not in Tuesday’s draw, but that ended a run of four successive draws with a single-digit number coming out and in seven of the last nine.

Numbers between 10 and 19 are also being seen a lot in recent weeks. Only two of the last nine haven’t included a number in that range with two seen in the latest draw. That’s a record beaten by numbers between 20 and 29. Only one of the last 15 draws hasn’t seen a number in that range be a main number. Think of that when choosing your numbers for the next EuroMillions draw.

The last three draws haven’t seen a number between 30 and 39, so they must be due to be seen soon. As for 40-49, they have appeared in the last two draws. Lucky Star 4 has been seen in two of the last three draws and 07 in three of the last five. Could they turn up again on Friday and help you win a massive jackpot?

Out in the Cold

If you’re wondering which numbers aren’t appearing that much, well 40 has only been drawn 27 times since 2016 and not at all since April 14. Definitely going through a cold spell is 36, not seen since March 31. Lucky Star 10 has only been drawn 53 times since September 2016 but who knows what will happen in the coming weeks. It may prove to be a number that will change your lives forever.

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