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Win the Lottery and go into Outer Space

Going into space is a dream that many of us have. Winning a lottery jackpot could turn that dream into a reality. Now thanks to Elon Musk and Space X, you don’t need to be a NASA astronaut to venture into the unknown. Just imagine if you were to buy a ticket from Lottery24 that won you a huge jackpot? Then, you could use those winnings to go into space for the ride of your life.

For decades, there has been talk of reusable spacecraft that could take passengers into space. We know that multiple journeys can be made using the same craft after the success of the Space Shuttle. Now Elon Musk has taken that a step forward.

Just one quote from Elon shows just how thrilling his project is. He commented: “And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.” He’s right and you are just one big lottery win away from experiencing that thrill.

May 2020 saw his Dragon Capsule take two NASA astronauts up to the Space Station. There hadn’t been a launch from US Soil in nine years. But Musk doesn’t just want astronauts to experience this trip into space. He wants everyday people to go up there too and that can include big lottery winners.

The Holiday of a Lifetime 

He has ambitious plans and has even been talking of up to 1,000 Starship flights a year.

Imagine if you chat to your friends about future holiday plans. They might want to go to Spain, France, or the Bahamas. You can tell them that you’ll be going into outer space!

The dream is for a Space X trip to cost $2m per passenger.  That’s a lot of money but once that lottery win is secured, you can make your booking. In fact, take some friends with you too. Actually, it’s a real bargain because the average NASA space launch has costs of $152m. With other companies such as Blue Origin also dreaming of passenger space flight, the cost may fall even lower. Will that be price wars or Star Wars?

Mars Here We Come! 

It’s not just a trip into outer space that Space X are planning. Elon dreams of a voyage to Mars, now that would be a great way to spend your lottery winnings. He plans to start this in 2024, just imagine how many potential jackpot winning lottery draws there will be before then.

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