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Win a Lottery and Buy the new Xbox and PS

2020 sees the launch of the new Xbox and PS, exciting news for any gamers out there. Why just buy one for yourselves? With a bit of luck, you can get a big lottery win and then buy these new releases for all your friends too.

The Xbox Series X console is due to go on sale around the world on 10 November. It’s going to be a massive week for gamers. Just two days later, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is released in Japan and the USA with eager UK fans being able to buy it on 19 November.

The wait is almost over

There’s been a long wait for these new consoles, seven years in fact. Some players might just be getting the hang of the previous release before going out and getting the new ones.

2013 wasn’t just a big year for gamers, there were some notable lottery wins too. That included a $448 million Powerball jackpot being won in the US. With a big win like that, the winners would likely have been splashing out on new consoles for friends and relatives.

More Powerful than Ever

Why so much expectation over the new X Box Series X? Well, Microsoft are calling it the “fastest, most powerful games console ever.” It promises four times the power of the Xbox One X, with a new “tall tower” design, new wireless controller, and a new interface too.

It’s a bit like a lottery draw with a massive jackpot, you simply can’t wait to play it. At just under £400 each, it’ll be easily affordable after that big lottery win.

This new Xbox has to fight off competition from Sony’s new PlayStation 5. There are two PS5 console options, depending on whether you like disc-based gaming or digital-only. It’s going to set you back around £450 in the UK, no problem at all for big lottery winners. The only question really is how many will you buy?

As great as these consoles are, a seven-year wait between releases is quite long. Thankfully, we don’t have that problem with lottery draws. There’s a great selection of them every week at Lottery24.

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