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$2m Powerball win to help repair hurricane damaged home
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Former truck driver Anthony Felder from Lumberton in North Carolina, USA, hasn’t had an easy time of it of late. His property suffered flood damage during Hurricane Matthew, but now he can get it repaired after a $2m Powerball win in the January 27 draw.When he heard that someone from Lumberton had been lucky enough to get a big Powerball win, he had a feeling it was his ticket that was the winner. But even so, he admits, “I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Wow! Is this for real? Am I dreaming?’” In Georgia, USA, Christina Ford thought she was in a dream when winning $7.5m playing Mega Millions. Patricia Busking from Illinois, USA, said it was like an out of body experience when she found out about her $393m Mega Millions jackpot win.His winning Powerball ticket was purchased on January 23 from Atkinson’s Cigarette Land in Lumberton. He had only stopped there to use their toilet but then decided to get a Powerball ticket. He put his Powerball ticket in his book bag and didn’t think about it until Tuesday and then discovered its true value."It's absolutely great," said Nick Shas, the store manager of Atkinson’s Cigarette Land. "Most of the people would say, ‘Hey, I'm moving out of here, going somewhere else, buying a new house.' At least he's spending money back in the community."Lumberton resident Tina Kefner agrees. "I think it's excellent because, to help rebuild their home that was destroyed in the community, I mean, they need all the help they can get. I mean, it was devastated," she said.It’s the latest big win in North Carolina after Teresa King won a $200,000 Powerball prize just in time for Christmas last year.After state and federal tax withholdings, the lucky Powerball player will take home $1.4m. That will allow him to get his house sorted out, which took a real battering during Hurricane Andrew. “The flooding damaged the floors and insulation,” Felder said. “We’ll finish those repairs and fix up some other parts of the house. We’ll finally be able to do those little things we’ve dreamed of.” In 2016 James Lapeze from Louisiana won $1m In a Powerball draw soon after his property had been damaged by floods.He also plans to buy a Ford F-150 truck. It’s the latest big win for a truck driver after a syndicate from New York State won a $1m Powerball windfall.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so just purchase your tickets online at