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September EuroMillions Successes for France and Spain
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September EuroMillions Successes for France and Spain

The latest EuroMillions Superdraw was held on September 25 and again Spanish eyes were smiling. That country had already won one Superdraw this year and last Friday, a ticket sold in Valladolid in Spain won the €130m top prize. It’s the third time this year a prize of over €100m has been won by a Spanish ticket.

This latest success comes hot on the heels of an even larger EuroMillions win. The first day of September saw a €157m EuroMillions jackpot won by a couple in their forties who live in Sélestat commune of Bas-Rhin in North-East France. It’s the third highest jackpot win in France. It was also the 108th ticket sold in France that won a EuroMillions jackpot, taking them level with the United Kingdom for most wins.

There had been 11 rollovers before the couple scooped the €157m jackpot, the largest win of the year. The couple have opted to remain anonymous but have given some details about their win and future plans.

A Cinderella Story

The couple only play the EuroMillions draw when it has a truly massive jackpot. Their numbers were a mixture of random ones and others that are a birthdate or their street number. The night they discovered they were lottery millionaires, they struggled to get any sleep. They’d been watching a Cinderella movie and hoped their win was “all real and that the carriage wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight.”

A Larger Box is Needed

Any previous lottery winnings had been kept in a small box in their home. The idea being they could dip into it and give themselves a treat. “The box is probably too small to accommodate our winnings,” they laughed.

They have already indicated just how they will be spending their lottery windfall. Once it’s possible, they want to travel around the world. “All doors are open to us now, but the borders are closed,” they commented. Also planned is helping some charities and family members and buying a new computer and watch.

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