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£4m National Lottery Blue scratchcard winner nearly bought cigarettes instead
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Transgender tax-driver Melissa Ede from Hull in England has won £4m on a National Lottery Blue scratchcard but so nearly purchased a packet of cigarettes instead.The lucky National Lottery scratchcard winner had some change left and was going to buy some cigarettes until remembering she has some in her car. Then she saw the National Lottery scratchcard. She told reporters, "I don’t know what it was, something was telling me to buy that scratchcard. I went for it."Since her big National Lottery Blue scratchcard win, the 57-year-old has spent about £1,000 on clothes in a couple of days in readiness for her press conference, but had to get an overdraft to pay for them as she hadn’t received her winner’s cheque yet.The win came the same week as another taxi-driver, Arno Riselli from England, was announced as the winner of a £24.43m UK Lotto jackpot.Future spending plans for this National Lottery Blue scratchcard winner include buying the house she’s had her eyes on for a while. She plans on haggling on its £450,000 price and in time get her own house built and sell the other one.Also, she wants to buy a new car, launch a fashion line and get some dental work done. Diana De Gilio from New Zealand also wanted a new pair of teeth after her £1m EuroMillions win. Melissa has also purchased a Henry Hoover for her fiancé and has quit her job, just like Philip Dunning from Scotland who won £7,864,529 playing the UK Lotto draw.The National Lottery Blue Scratchcard win comes after a tough few years as she went through transition to a female, a process she describes as a “difficult path", but says she is "really proud of who I am today" and wants to help others in the same situation by writing her autobiography. In Brighton, there’s an Urgent Needs Advocacy Service for members of the LGBTQ community run by MindOut and the Allsorts Youth Project thanks to a £389,599 UK Big Lottery Fund grant.Melissa believes that she foresaw her big win after telling her fiancé that she was going to make her first million by the end of 2017. Now that dream has come true, just as it did for Brenda and Julie Page from England who won £1m playing EuroMillions.She has this message for other lottery players: "Set your dreams, set your goals, go for them. Don’t give up."Play online with us at, it's quick and easy.