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$50 million Canadian Lotto Max winner is “scared” by new fortune
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A grandmother from Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada has won a huge $50 million prize from the Lotto Max national game, but says she is scared by her millionaire status.June Bergh was the sole winner in the $50 million draw that took place last Friday evening, and she was joined by her husband Gus this week as she collected her prize cheque from lottery headquarters in the town of Kamloops. Just two months after another Kelowna resident won more than $21 million on the Lotto 649, the retired operating room nurse admitted that she is not a regular lottery player, but when she found out that there had been a local winner she had a feeling that she might have been lucky.“In the morning when I got up and Gus said to me, ‘Oh, big winner in Kelowna,’ I sort of had a little feeling that I might be lucky and win a small amount, like maybe one million,” she told lottery officials. However, later in the day when she was out shopping at her local supermarket, the grandmother checked her ticket to find out if she was right, and couldn’t believe it when she realised that she was the big local winner in a town that has seen many winners in the past, including Brittany Powell, who won a $1 million Lotto Max prize last year.So astounded, the lottery winner had to ask her husband to double check the ticket for her. “I said to him ‘I think there is some money I won on my ticket, would you come and check it?’ And he saw the figure and he couldn’t believe it either,” she said about her husband’s reaction, which echoed that of Charlene and Orest Gulka, also from BC, who couldn’t believe it when they won the Lotto 649 for the second time.The couple, who have been married for 54 years and have children and grandchildren together, said that they will use their $50 million Lotto Max prize to help their offspring to pay off their mortgages on their homes, and they will take a cruise in time for their 55th wedding anniversary. The couple beat odds of almost 29 million to one to become Lotto Max jackpot winners, just like a Toronto man who scored the largest ever Lotto Max jackpot in March.Lady Luck may be around anytime smiling at you… don’t miss her and purchase your lottery tickets online at