$50,000 Powerball Winner Had No Idea He’d Won

$50,000 Powerball Winner Had No Idea He’d Won

$50,000 Powerball Winner Had No Idea He’d Won

A man from Baltimore County in Maryland, USA, saw a banner in a 7-Eleven store window. It said that they had sold a Powerball ticket that had won $50,000. Not for a moment did he realize that he was the winning player in the June 3 draw.

He smiled when seeing the banner but more was to come later that week. Finally he checked his Powerball ticket but initially was confused by the message he saw.

He was told that he needed to go to the Lottery to claim his Powerball prize. The following day he asked a coworker who explained the win couldn’t be paid out in cash.

Big shock

When he was finally told that he’d won $50,000 the Cockeysville resident was in shock. “I just stood there, staring, with my jaw on the floor,” he recalled.

Last month saw  the Illinois winners of a $842.4 million Powerball jackpot come forward   to claim their prize.

He pays Mega Millions and Powerball every week.  “I'm after those big jackpots,” said the lucky player. He then admitted: “I never really expected to win big.”

He’s had wins in the past but never more than just a few dollars. For him to win $50,000 is “impossible to believe.”

Although he’s just won $50,000, his lottery playing days are far from over. He says that he’ll continue to play both the Powerball and Mega Millions draws, “just in case” that really big win comes along.

As for the plans he has for his winnings, he says the $50,000 will go straight into his savings account.

Change of numbers

It was the second win in three days for Maryland Powerball players. The June 1 draw saw a U.S. Postal Service employee also win $50,000.

He usually uses his own set of numbers. For the draw that won him $50,000 he bought a Quick Pick ticket.

As he says he’ll keep playing until winning the jackpot, he’ll be playing tonight. Monday’s Powerball draw has a $125 million top prize.

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