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$50,000 scratch card win comes just at the right time
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It’s good to have a break after a long night at work and the employees of Middle River restaurant in Maryland, USA, did just that and they also decided to buy some lottery tickets. That led to a $50,000 prize for Jeffery Stone playing the 100x The Cash game.The Aberdeen resident works as a waiter at the restaurant and bought his winning 100x The Cash ticket from the Crazy Tuna Bar & Grille in Essex, Maryland. He just wanted a small win so more tickets could be purchased but he did a lot better than that with his 100x The Cash scratch card.Amazingly, the 100x The Cash scratch card produced the $50,000 top prize for the 42-year-old who was totally shocked by the size of his win. “I leaned over with my hands on my knees and started breathing deeply, trying to comprehend what had happened.” Edmond Nicaj from Michigan, USA, couldn’t stop jumping for joy after his $1m Powerball win. When Christina Ford from Georgia, USA, found out about her $7.5m Mega Millions jackpot windfall, she said it was like being in a dream.The father of three -whose wife is soon due to give birth again – called her with the good news, even though it was 2am by this stage. Not surprisingly, his wife didn’t answer the phone. Still overjoyed with his $50,000 win playing the 100x The Cash scratch card, the lucky winner went to the Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County.His luck continued with some winnings there and when his other half finally called him, the 100x The Cash winner began screaming down the phone and his wife had the same response but slightly quieter so not to wake the house up. “It was a fun conversation,” said Jeffrey.It’s the latest big win for a restaurant worker. Recently, we told you about prep cook Luis Vela Figueroa from New York State who won the top prize in the $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card game. A lottery winner from Washington State, USA, planned to open a restaurant with his $180,000 Hit 5 windfall.Mr Stone says that some of the 100x The Cash win will go towards the expenses their new child will bring about. The reverse happened to Ryan Mercia from Kansas, USA, who won $25,000 on a Holiday Treasures scratch card, soon after an addition to his family.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at