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£9.2m UK Lotto jackpot won on Saturday
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The UK Lotto jackpot was won for the second time in the last three Saturday draws with one lucky ticket winning a £9.207m jackpot.Two rollovers mean there will be a €40.5m SuperEnalotto jackpot on Tuesday. Last Thursday’s draw saw tickets fail to match 01-27-31-58-83-87 and the Jolly 86. That led to a €39.5m on Saturday but tickets just couldn’t match 20-27-32-55-69-90 and the Jolly 60.Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot was £50.08m but ended in a rollover. The numbers drawn were 13-15-16-28-41 and the two Lucky Stars 04 and 05. Two tickets sold in France and Portugal won the second-tier prize of €560,877.50. On Tuesday, the jackpot will be £57m.The EuroJackpot draw had a top prize of €90m which is the maximum amount in the lottery. Players were hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Czech player that won a €90m EuroJackpot prize two years ago but no tickets on Friday could match 15-31-35-40-46 and the two EuroNumbers 03 and 08. There were four tickets able to win the runners-up prize of €2.327.357,80 and next Friday the jackpot remains at €90m and the second-tier will be even larger than it was this week.In the USA, the Mega Millions top prize was $73m but also ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers were 11-14-51-64-68 and the Mega Ball 25. No tickets could match to match the five main balls either unlike Kennedy Howard from Montgomery, Alabama, USA, who won $1m playing Mega Millions. Tuesday’s jackpot is $84m.The winners of the £21,044,592 UK Lotto jackpot won on May 12 have claimed their winnings. On Saturday, the top prize was £9.207m and another jackpot winner was created. The numbers drawn were 09-14-19-29-39-40 and the Bonus Ball 03 and one lucky ticket matched the six main balls to win the top prize. Wednesday’s draw will have a £1.8m jackpot.May 19 saw a Powerball jackpot of $315.3m won in New Jersey, USA. A week later the top prize was $50m but no tickets were able to match 01-21-31-45-49 and the Powerball 21. Unlike Joseph Woods, of St. Paul in Minnesota, USA who bagged $1m playing Powerball there were no second-tier winners. On Wednesday, the top prize will be $60m.Another lottery millionaire was created in Saturday’s La Primitiva draw. A ticket matched the six main numbers to win the runners-up prize of €1,670,187.10. There was a second-tier win of €179,840.54 in Friday’s Bonoloto draw and six tickets scooped the €100,000 Super 6 jackpot.Sunday saw two tickets win the top prize of €113,112.50 in the Joker draw. There was also a second-tier win of €154,651.96 in the El Gordo draw.Give yourself a chance by playing now at