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91-year-old Illinois man wins $1 million on Powerball after 44 years
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A man in his 90s from Illinois who has been playing the state lottery since 1974 when it first began has finally won, to the tune of $1 million.Robert “Bob” Schuit, from Oak Brook in Illinois, won his $1 million on the March 21st Powerball drawing, and it is his first big win since the game’s very first Illinois State drawing in 1974. An Idaho woman had been playing the same numbers since the lottery began before she won $390,000 on a Lucky for Life ticket.The lucky winner matched numbers 3, 4, 18, 29 and 61 in the drawing last month, and told lottery officials that he couldn’t believe it when he found out. A 92-year-old Iowa man became lucky for the rest of his life when he won $25,000 a year for life on a lottery ticket.“You always got that in the back of your mind. You are hoping you are going to win,” Mr Schuit told Powerball lottery officials. The Illinois man has an interesting story, and the retiree was a bachelor for most of his life until he married his current wife almost ten years ago.A Maryland couple planned to remodel their kitchen after winning $775,000 on a Multi-Match lottery ticket, and now, with the money in the bank, the lottery fan said that he plans to use it to remodel the apartment that he shares with his relatively new bride, and he might think about sharing some of it with family members. A Chicago lottery winner planned to invest her $1 million Powerball winnings in her grandchildren. Despite local press attention, the Powerball winner hasn’t told anyone about his win except his sister and a few close friends.Aside from the remodel, the Powerball winnings are going to go into investments, and some of it will be donated to charity. Mr Schuit said that he plans to keep playing the lottery, but not because he thinks he’ll win again: “Oh yeah, got to keep playing the lotto, you know, to keep the spools going,” he said. Another lottery winner in her 90s, Ruby Sorah from Florida, planned to give all her winnings away to her family after scooping a $43 million Florida Lotto jackpot.The winning Powerball ticket was purchased from 7-Eleven on N. Cass Ave in Westmont, Illinois, and the store received a bonus worth $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.Trust your luck and purchase your tickets online at