Accidental Double Ticket Purchase Wins $3.33m Lotto 6/49 Prize

Accidental Double Ticket Purchase Wins $3.33m Lotto 6/49 Prize

Accidental Double Ticket Purchase Wins $3.33m Lotto 6/49 Prize

Mistakes can be made but sometimes they bring good luck.  Just ask Shannon and Karsten Von Richter from Port Moody in Canada. The lucky couple recently won a $3.33 million Lotto 6/49 prize.

Her success in the September 30 was of course a massive surprise for her. It soon became a double shock as Shannon realised she’d accidentally bought two Lotto 6/49 tickets for the draw. Both used the same numbers so instead of a $1.66 million win, her windfall was double that amount.

Shannon went out and bought a second ticket for the September 30 draw from the Thrifty Foods grocery store located in Suter Brook Village. The Lotto 6/49 purchase was made despite the fact one ticket had already been bought by her.


When hearing the news that two of the three jackpot winning Lotto 6/49 tickets had been sold in Port Moody, she thought that was “weird.”  Little did she know that both of the $1.66 million winning tickets belonged to her so she was in fact a double winner. The other winning ticket was bought in Ontario.

“What are the chances that two people in Port Moody won with the same numbers?" said the Lotto 6/49 winner. Then Von Richter checked the results online and made a shock discovery. Not one but two of her tickets had both been lucky enough to win a total of $3,333,333.40.


Describing her double win as “amazing,” she then started telling family members of her fantastic success.

Her husband Karsten struggled to believe what had just happened. When asked how the win will change their lives, he said: “This gives us more freedom and makes us more comfortable."

Now comes the sometimes tough task of deciding just how to spend their Lotto 6/49 win. “We will figure things out once it settles down a bit,” Karsten said. In the meantime, they have already had one celebratory dinner and more are on the way for the couple and their friends.

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