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Across the states two lottery players win two scratch card prizes on the same day
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Two lottery players from different states in the USA have both won double lottery scratch card prizes, and each of their prizes were won on the same day.Veronica Buchanan from Florissant, Missouri, and Michelle Shuffler from Granite Falls in North Carolina both won two different scratch card top prizes in the same day after the first ticket left them so happy they just had to try again!Ms Buchanan bought her two scratch card tickets on November 29th, when she first chose a Monopoly scratch card ticket from a gas station and scratched it off to win $1,000.The Missouri lottery player then went back to the same gas station later in the game and bought a Fortune scratch card ticket, which won her one of the card’s 14 top $100,000 prizes. Another Missouri lottery player won $82,117 on a scratch card ticket bought with the winnings from a previous game.Ms Shuffler, on the other hand, bought her two winning tickets from different stores, but achieved the same result as her Missouri counterpart. The North Carolinian bought her first Million Dollar Fever ticket from a gas station in Lenoir when she was with her husband, and realised it was wroth $10,000, to which she said that she and her husband were both shocked.The pair then carried along their journey, but feeling lucky they decided to stop off at a convenience store on the way back tot heir home in Granite Falls, where they bought another ticket. Ms Shuffler said that it couldn’t have been a better decision, as the second ticket she picked was worth $1 million. It wasn’t that long ago that another North Carolina lottery player won two scratch card prizes in one day, and a man from Kansas also recently took home two scratch card prizes in the same day.“It’s a miracle,” said the North Carolina scratch card winner, telling lottery officials that she plans to take the prize in yearly payments of $50,000, which will go towards her retirement and the cost of sending her children to college. A man from Calgary in the west of Canada planned to put his winnings towards retirement after taking home $1 million on the Lotto 649.Get ready for you r lottery prize and purchase your tickets online at