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Advertising Begins for the El Gordo de Navidad Lottery
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The midweek lottery draws see players chasing massive Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots, that combined are currently $999m. That’s a fantastic amount to be won but in Spain, the El Gordo de Navidad lottery has a prize fund of over €2bn.Christmas may be a little way off but the summer campaign for the 2018 El Gordo de Navidad draw on December 22 has been launched. Last year, we reported how the El Gordode Navidad summer advert focused on holidaymakers, who account around 12% of overall sales.Now comes this year’s advert for the traditional El Gordo de Navidad draw. The advertisement has the slogan ‘What if it falls here?’ When people go on holiday to Spain during the summer months, they expect lots of sun and a great night-life, but what do they take home with them?  A tan perhaps, memories of a great time, a fan with lace or an attractive print looking back at Spanish history. All enjoyable but none of those items can win you a big cash prize, while an El Gordo de Navidad ticket can do just that.This summer a total of 170m "tenths" (fractions of tickets) were put on sale at 12,000 venues throughout Spain with sales beginning in July, so it’s no surprise that holidaymakers will buy so many tickets. The summer advertisement aimed at boosting sales even further cost around €1.5m according to Inmaculada García Martínez, president of Lotteries and State Betting. The Spanish love their lottery advertisements. Last year the main El Gordo de Navidad advertisement featured an alien who visited Spain and ended up falling in love and getting the winning number.The top prize in the El Gordo de Navidad draw has a fund of €4m per serie with individual winners taking home €400,000. Last year players from all over Spain were lucky enough to win the top El Gordo de Navidad prize. The year before it was the Acacias neighbourhood in Madrid that celebrated winning the top prize with Marian Lopez among those winning €400,000 playing the El Gordo de Navidad.Runners-up will share €1.25m and those getting the third-tier prize will be sharing €500,000 with lots more euros on offer for the lower ranked winners.Those who aren’t lucky enough to get a win in this draw can enjoy Christmas and then hope for success in the El Niño lottery held every year on January 6.Play your favourite lottery online at