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Amazing Generosity of £12.4m EuroMillions Winners
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Amazing Generosity of £12.4m EuroMillions Winners

11 years ago, Sharon and Nigel Mather from Sale in the North of England won a £12.4 million EuroMillions jackpot. Since that lucky day, they have been helping their friends and trying to lead a normal life.

The couple bought their winning EuroMillions ticket just before going on holiday. This win might not have happened at all though. Mrs Mather used a regular set of numbers but not for the EuroMillions draw that saw them win the jackpot and bought a Lucky Dip ticket instead.

A great night in

It was when they returned home that Sharon finally checked the results and discovered their win. Nigel had planned to go to the pub to see the England World Cup game. Instead, the couple stayed at home, had three bottles of Magners and a Chinese takeaway.

However, there was work to be done. They created a spreadsheet that was a list of those who meant the most to them and who they wanted to help with their EuroMillions windfall.

An important card

Initially, Sharon and Nigel didn’t go public about their EuroMillions win. Eventually, they realized that staying anonymous would make it difficult to help their friends and family. Nigel then went round to the homes of those who were on that amazingly generous spreadsheet. A card was handed over with a cheque inside.As Sharon says, it was like the TV show ‘The Secret Millionaire.’

The couple have been careful in the way they have treated their two children. Their view is that their children need to respect what people have got, don’t brag about their parents’ finances and never be a show off. When it comes to Christmas, their children don’t “ask for anything silly,” after all it’s the thought that counts. Sharon added: “in fact, they probably get less because we don’t want to overly give them too much.”

The EuroMillions winners have continued to help charities including Stockdales, with Nigel now being their chair. They feel that the win has given them responsibility not to “waste or blow it.”

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