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Are certain names luckier for winning the lottery? Here you can find out
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You might think luck has a lot to do with winning the lottery, but a recent survey has revealed that there are other factors that mean you are more likely to win big on the UK Lotto.The chance of winning the UK Lotto jackpot is around one in 14 million, but people with certain names have more chance of beating those odds and seeing their numbers come up on the TV screen. Data from the National Lottery’s history, dating back to its humble beginnings in 1995, have shown that the most likely people to win the lottery are 44-year-old tradesmen with the name of Derek. Another recent National Lottery survey revealed that winners, whatever their names are, prefer sharing their winnings and spending it on experiences than buying material goods.So, if you know any tradesmen, if you know anyone called Derek, and especially if they are 44 years old, you might want to make sure you’re in their good books. Derek is even a popular name for lottery winners abroad, just like Derek Maher who won $5 million on the Canadian Lotto 649 recently. In the past 22 years, there have been four UK Lotto winners with the names each Derek and David/Dave.There have also been a fair few Karen’s who have won the UK Lotto, three times in fact, and three times each to the names Alex and John as well. There was recently a Karen from Scotland whose husband Darren made them both lottery winners when he took home £300,000 on the EuroMillions. However, another recent survey has revealed that more lottery millionaires are likely to keep their wins a secret, so who knows what their names are?Even location could change your odds of winning the UK Lotto jackpot, Yorkshire and Northamptonshire have each had 11 wins, and ten winners have come from the county of Merseyside. Other lucky regions include South Wales and Greater Manchester, where the National Lottery counted eight wins in each. Location came up in another National Lottery survey which recently revealed that lottery winners’ top holiday destination is the Caribbean.There is even a difference in luck depending on if you are male and female. While the top five UK Lotto winner names are male, research has shown that women win bigger lump sums, with an average jackpot prize of £20.14 million compared to £18.23 million. And the most frequent lottery winners are builders, carpenters and mechanics.Do you fit into these categories? Or can you change the statistics by playing along with the UK Lotto now? Play online with us at