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Australian mathematician’s secret formula wins him lottery jackpot 14 times
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A mathematician from Australia who won a major lottery jackpot fourteen times has revealed that he used his knowledge of numbers to create a winning formula.Stefan Mandel, a Romanian born Australian citizen, beat odds of one in fourteen million to win a major lottery jackpot the first time, but then he went on to do it thirteen more times as he says that he created a near-perfect formula. The Aussie was working as an economist in Romania when he first tested his formula, hoping for a second prize win which would enable himself and his family to emigrate, and he ended up with the jackpot. An anonymous Australian recently claimed that he used maths to help him win over $400,000 on the Saturday Lotto.Shortly after his first major lottery win, Mr Mandel settled Down Under and then began working on his lottery winning formula to see if it would also work on Australian lottery games, such as the Oz Lotto and Powerball. His calculations of possible number combinations gave him a finite number, of which he bought every ticket option available, and won Australian lotteries 12 more times.Most recently a Sydney man claimed half of a $100 million Powerball jackpot which was shared with a man in Melbourne, and another man from Sydney was suggested as the country’s luckiest man after winning the Lotto jackpot twice in the space of a week.It wasn’t untilthen that Australian authorities began to wonder if everything Mr Mandel was doing was completely above board. Even though his scheme was perfectly legal, lottery officials decided that it wasn’t quite in the spirit of the game, and they introduced several laws that would stop him from carrying it out any further. The Australian Powerball lottery recently announced several changes to the lottery game which will create more winners and higher jackpots in every draw.The first rule stopped one single person from purchasing every ticket combination possible, and the second stopped groups of individuals from doing the same thing, after Mr Mandel found business partners to help him. Eventually, he became tired of constantly being blocked from winning the lottery by Australian authorities, and he decided to try his hand in the USA instead.His final lottery win came from the Virginia Lottery, when he and 2,500 Australian investors purchased every single ticket for a jackpot worth $27 million, and Mr Mandel’s profits were worth around $30 million. We’ve recently told you about a Virginian man who won $1 million on the Mega Millions. Mr Mandel’s formula was eventually outlawed, and he now lives on a small island off the Australian coast.Trust your luck and play online with us at