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Basingstoke Couple Can Finally Have Honeymoon After EuroMillions Win
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David and Sam Mackie from Basingstoke in England can finally go on honeymoon after winning £1m and being able to go on a dream holiday to Makepeace Island thanks to the EuroMillions. They won their prize in the EuroMillions draw held on Friday October 31.The young couple were married two and a half years ago, but have never had a honeymoon and their only holiday has been in Cornwall.David, 32. works as an IT manager and said of their big win: “Sam has only ever been on a plane to Leeds, it really is a once in a lifetime chance and I already have the forms to apply for passports for Sam and our boys.''Usually it’s Sam, 28, who buys their EuroMillions lottery tickets but on the day of the draw David saw the National Lottery website on his computer and purchased a ticket. The next morning he received an email advising him to check his account. The lucky EuroMillions lottery winner said: “'I usually joke that I am off to check my million when I get the email, but this time I didn't. I just said to Sam I was off to look at my £3.''He checked his account and the balance hadn’t changed but eventually he found the message that informed him his ticket had won £1m and they would be able to go on a private island getaway.He quickly called his wife, and she initially said he was lying but when he got home that all changed as “once she saw my face, and I think I was shaking by this point, she decided to check.” The message was still there and they really had become EuroMillions lottery millionaires.The EuroMillions win is great news for the family and the couple have already signed the paperwork towards buying a house on a new development. David said: “I stress about mortgages and money and it is completely life-changing to not to have to worry any longer.''Purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at It’s simple and easy.