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Better Late than Never Finally Claims $50,000 Powerball Win
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A player from Frederick in Maryland, USA, has finally claimed their $50,000 Powerball win. Their windfall came in the February 17 draw, but the winner forgot purchasing the lucky ticket.Some players wish to remain anonymous, just like the recent $1m New Zealand Lotto winner. In Maryland, USA, it seems when that happens a nickname gets created and for this Powerball winner, rather fittingly it’s ‘Better Late than Never.’ A $1m Mega Millions winner from Maryland had the nickname ‘Big Money Mama.’We do know that the Powerball winner is a 68-year-old female who has been playing lottery games since the Maryland Lottery started in 1973. Recently, Bob Ignatowski had a series of big lottery wins after also playing for 45 years.Her winning Powerball ticket was purchased from the Brown’s Liquors & Deli in Frederick where she and her husband were having lunch. They recommend the barbecue if you ever pay a visit. Whilst there, they decided to get a Powerball ticket for the February 17 draw but then just forgot about it.“It was in my purse for a long time,” said the mother of two adult children, grandmother of four and great-grandmother to one.Then one day she remembered her Powerball purchase, found the ticket and took it to be scanned, just in case it had won anything. The scanner revealed that the Powerball ticket was indeed a winner but of a mystery amount that couldn’t be paid out in the store and needed to be taken to Maryland Lottery HQ.It’s the latest slice of lottery luck in Maryland after Joey J won $50,000 playing Bonus Match 5.  Also celebrating was Linda Cleveland after her $700,000 Multi-Match win.That didn’t happen right away though and weeks later, while she was visiting a friend, ‘Better Late than Never’ asked to use her friend’s computer to check the February 17 Powerball results and then she discovered her ticket had won $50,000.Some players scream and shout when finding out they’ve had a big lottery win.Not this player though and when her husband asked why that wasn’t the case, she simply replied ‘“Because I’m in shock.” The lucky Powerball winner waited until July 20 to claim her prize and revealed her previous largest win had been just $5.Plans for their Powerball win include home renovations which will see them put a ground floor addition on their house.Get a chance of becoming next winner and purchase your tickets online at