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Brampton man in shock after winning Canadian Lotto Max jackpot
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A man from Brampton, Ontario, in Canada has revealed he was in so much shock when he discovered he’d won big on the Lotto Max, he couldn’t even get his key in the door to his house.Jason Debattista, from Brampton, a town in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, won over $35 million on the Lotto Max drawing on January 5th. The winner told lottery officials that he scanned he ticket himself on a lottery checking machine, and it took him a few goes before he really understood how much he’d won. Just last year a couple from Brampton won $1 million on the Lotto Max, while a man from southern Ontario recently took home $100,000 on the Lotto Max Encore.“When I scanned it the first time, I saw the words ‘Big Winner’ and the number 35 so I thought I won $35. I scanned it again and saw a couple more zeros,” Mr Debattista told lottery officials in Toronto. In fact, the Ontarian had won $35,317,981.20, and he said that he had to check his ticket three times before he quite understood that he’d won the jackpot and had to call his wife over to double check.The Lotto Max winner said that he and his wife are occasional lottery players, and their winning jackpot ticket came from a Free Play won in a previous draw. A couple from Calgary also won a big lottery prize on a Free Play ticket they’d won from the Lotto 649. Mr Debattista was scanning their Lotto Max ticket at the same time that his wife of 23 years was purchasing a ticket for the upcoming Lotto 649 drawing, but once they found out they were millionaires they went straight home to share the news with their three daughters.“I was in such shock, I couldn’t get my keys in the door because I was shaking so much,” he said, just like a bus driver from Worcester in England who said he couldn’t stop shaking after winning £250,000 on a National Lottery scratch card. The over-$35 million Lotto Max winnings will go towards a family trip and setting the children up for their education and future. Mr Debattista said the winnings are certain to “trickle down for generations.” A New York Lottery winner of $1 million said that her winnings will be going towards her children’s futures when she won in 2016.To be able to fulfill your wishes, play online with us at