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British Columbia Canadian Lotto Max winner finally comes forward!
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The winner of the mystery $50 million Lotto Max prize has finally come forward in Canada, with just days to spare before the prize was due to expire.As we told you yesterday, the owner of the $50 million winning ticket of the Canadian Lotto Max national lottery game did not come forward for more than eleven months, leading lottery officials to believe that the prize was almost certain to go unclaimed. All that we knew before today, was that the lottery ticket had been purchased in Langley, British Columbia, but that any person who had come forward thus far had not been the true winner.However, with less than a week to go, the BC Lottery Corporation confirmed that somebody came forward with the winning ticket on Monday, when the prize was due to expire on Saturday March 14. “We can confirm that it is the genuine ticket and have validated it in our system,” a spokesperson for the BC Lottery said, and they continued to say that they have gone through all of the required verification loops in order to make sure that this is the true Lotto Max winner.The winner will now have the choice as to whether or not he or she chooses to go public with their win, and release their name and details about themselves to the press. Now that they have presented the winning Lotto Max ticket, there is no time limit for them to choose whether or not they will remain anonymous.Late last year, a law suit was filed surrounding this Lotto Max win, as a pharmacy worker declared that her colleague had concealed the winning ticket that was purchased with workplace syndicate money, in order to benefit from the win alone. The accused co-worker had vehemently denied the accusation, and said that he forgot to purchase the winning ticket. This court case is still ongoing, as the claimant’s lawyers demand $52 million plus interest from her former colleague.The $50 million Lotto Max prize was tied as the largest ever lottery prize to have been won in the province of British Columbia.For your chance to win with your favourite international lottery, play now at!