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Calgary Lotto Max winner was shocked by size of number when she won $1 million
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A woman from Calgary, who won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto Max earlier this month told lottery officials that she was shocked by the amount of zeros when she checked her ticket.Mary D’Clute, who is from Calgary, the cowboy city of Alberta, Western Canada, won her $1 million in the Lotto Max MaxMillions on January 6th, and as she collected her cheque she was still as shocked as she was when she first realised she’d won. A British Columbia couple who won big on the Lotto 649 decided to keep their win a secret from their kids and let them find out on the news. Mrs D’Clute told lottery officials that she took her ticket to check it herself the day following the draw, but she was surprised to see the large number on the screen in front of her.“I took my ticket to the self-checker and put it through,” she said, “I was shocked to see so many zeros on the little screen. I took my ticket to the clerk and said, ‘Does that say what I think it says?’” The clerk then scanned the Lotto Max ticket herself and told Mrs D’Clute that she thought she’d won $100,000, but the pair of them double checked again and realised that she’d actually won much more than $100,000. A UK Lotto winner from Kent thought she’d won £1,000 before realising it was actually £1 million.Mrs D’Clute was one of 20 MaxMillions winners in the Lotto Max drawing on January 6th, when 28 members of a family from Québec split a jackpot prize worth $60 million on the same lottery draw. She told lottery officials that she was more than happy with her $1 million Lotto Maxprize, and hopes to be able to save some of it for her future and her retirement, just like a recent Iowa lottery winner of $100,000, but she is going to make sure that some of it gets spent on treats first.Her plans are just like those of another Calgary Lottery winner who took home $1 million on the Lotto 649 and put it towards retirement, however this recent winner has a little something extra planned. “We might buy a newer boat,” the Albertan said. “And I think someone just might get spoiled: I’m going to buy my husband something nice.”Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at