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California man is on a four-ticket lottery scratch card winning streak
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A man from Southern California has collected a huge $6 million lottery prize after winning on four different scratch cards.Antulio Mazariegos, from Panorama City in California, has won the $6 million worth of lottery scratch card prizes in the last six months, with the first win coming back in November. At the end of last year, he bought an Emerald 10 scratch off ticket from a doughnut shop in Panorama City, and that ticket won him his first $1 million. A couple from Colorado recently won their second top lottery prize in six months, while a Californian teenager won two lottery scratch card top prizes in the space of a week.The lottery winner continued playing, and bought more scratch cards, since that’s where his luck seemed to be. He told lottery officials that he stopped at a liquor store in Van Nuys and saw that they had only three California Black Premium scratch cards left, so he asked to take them all.One of those three tickets was worth a huge $5 million, but his winning didn’t end there, and two other scratch cards that he bought following that win were worth $1,000 and $600 each. The lucky lottery player therefore found himself winning a total of $6,001,600 over the course of six months, but he told lottery official that he’s not been doing anything special. A North Carolina Lottery winner began his lucky streak with a $100 scratch off prize and finished it with a huge $4 million jackpot just a few weeks later.The California man has been playing lottery games and buying scratch cards for the last 13 years, but he doesn’t have a routine and just takes his luck where he can get it. He admitted he has a couple of favourite lottery retailers. A change in their lottery routine was what brought about a $150,000 lottery scratch off prize for a couple from Toronto, Canada.Not long ago we told you about a Californian man who won $3 million on a scratch card when he was on the way to pick his daughter up from the airport. When California Lottery officials asked him how he planned to spend his latest winnings, Mr Mazariegos said that he hadn’t even had time to think about it, but we’re guessing he will probably buy some more lottery tickets, judging by his past history and good fortune.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your tickets online now at