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Car salesman buys wrong lottery ticket and wins EuroMillions prize!
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Usually buying the wrong one of anything would be a great disappointment, but to this car salesman from Harlow, buying the wrong lottery ticket on the wrong day proved to be a stroke of fate.Lee Kirk, 54, went to his local store on January 27th to buy a ticket for that night’s draw, thinking that it was Wednesday and that he was buying his usual ticket for the UK Lotto. However, he was mistaken in which day it was and therefore he was actually purchasing a ticket for that night’s EuroMillions draw, one that he doesn’t usually choose to participate in.“I was sure it was Wednesday and I thought it was the Lotto draw that night,” Mr Kirk told lottery officials, as he continued to say that he didn’t realise his mistake until the next morning when his wife, Lorraine, put him right. However, it turned out to be the best mistake the car salesman had ever made, as his EuroMillions ticket had matched five numbers, winning him a huge prize of £50,396.After realising their win, the EuroMillions winners, who have been married for 26 years, were desperate for confirmation on the news and Mr Kirk called Camelot, the lottery organiser for EuroMillions, to check that his dreams really had come true. “I checked (the EuroMillions results) on my iPad and realised I’d got five numbers,” he told lottery officials as he collected his cheque. “When it was confirmed, I couldn’t stop smiling.”The EuroMillions winner has said that the win will bring his family a lot of happiness, “when I told my daughter, she was screaming and kicking her legs in delight,” he said. However, despite becoming a EuroMillions winner, Mr Kirk said he has no desire to stop working and he will continue to play the lottery as well.The car salesman has already earmarked some of the EuroMillions money to buy some new cars, including one for his wife and another for his son. He also plans to use some of the lottery winnings to make some upgrades to the family home. The EuroMillions winner has played the lottery on and off for many years, but he told lottery officials that until now he hasn’t played “religiously”.Purchase your EuroMillions tickets for tomorrow draw online at