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Changes to UK Lotto draw coming in November
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Changes have been announced to the UK Lotto that from November will see changes to the prize fund for each draw. A new annuity game is also likely to be introduced in 2019.The changes come after an in-depth review was carried out by the National Lottery after a fall in sales. The review believes changes made in 2015 were to blame for this. Camelot chief executive Nigel Railton commented: "It was clear from the review that we needed to create a more appealing and balanced range of games that offers something for everyone."Changes to the prize fund will take place in November 2018. The second-tier prize awarded for matching five of the main numbers and the Bonus Ball will win players at least £1m compared to the £46.636 won in the most recent UK Lotto draw. Matching five balls will see players winning a minimum of £1750 and getting three balls £30. The changes will be achieved by the scrapping of the current raffle.The lower-tier prizes could be even higher because the new UK Lotto rules will see only five compared to the present ten rollovers permitted. When it comes to the sixth draw, the cash that would be added to the jackpot will instead be moved down to the other tiers. This happens in some other lotteries and was seen recently when the EuroJackpot draw reached its €90m cap with the second-tier prize going over the €5m mark.The minimum UK Lotto jackpot will also be increased to £2m on Wednesdays and £3.8m on Saturdays. The maximum amount on a rollover will fall to £11m on a Wednesday and £12m on a Saturday. In Canada, players have been calling for higher Lotto Max jackpots as they currently have a $60m cap.Other lotteries have also made changes to how their games are played. 2016 saw more millionaires being created after changes to the EuroMillions draw.  The following year saw changes planned at increasing Mega Millions jackpot wins.A new game could be launched next year. An annuity lottery game would see players win a so far undisclosed amount each month for a to be confirmed period of time. It’d be like those seen in other countries. Bhavik Patel from Michigan, USA, won $25,000 a year for life in the Lucky For Life game. Agreement from Camelot’s regulator is required before everything can be confirmed for the proposed new game.Try your hand at the lottery game and play online with us at