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Couple have labrador dog to thank for double EuroMillions win
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Winning a £149,089.30 EuroMillions prize is a great shock but what if you had two matching tickets? That’s what has happened to Jane and Alan Slater from Newport on the Isle of Wight and they have their Labrador dog Ruby to thank for the double win.The couple matched the five main numbers and a Lucky Star in the September 29 EuroMillions draw. The previous EuroMillions draw had seen a UK couple win £35m.There were more shocks and celebrations on their way for the Slaters. Ruby had her second birthday a few days later and after a walk jumped in their car and disturbed a brochure on the back seat causing a EuroMillions ticket with the same draw date and numbers to float into the air.Initially Jane thought her husband had taken their winning ticket from the bedroom and was going to show it to his workmates. “I’m going to kill him” she thought and phoned her husband up who denied everything.Then his wife remembered she’d been told to sign the back of her ticket and this one had no signature. Alan eventually recalled buying a EuroMillions ticket from their local Spar newsagents, just as his wife had already done. He’d then left it in his car inside a brochure and forgotten about it. An American player kept a $1m Powerball ticket in his jacket for a month. Bill Brady from Chicago did the same with his $200,000 winning Lucky Day Lotto ticket.The surprised winner believes someone was looking down on them as he could so easily have thrown the ticket away and they’d have missed out on another £149,000. The couple have been buying lottery tickets every week for 20 years using the same numbers, but this is their first big win. American Janice Rovner did the same before winning $1m on the Mega Millions.Canadian Sheila Nagels waited seven years before a $1m Lotto 6-49 windfall.The couple now have a “fun-filled future” in retirement ahead of them. Alan says Ruby is “the best purchase I’ve ever made” and a holiday in the New Forest in December is being planned.It’s quick and easy to purchase your lottery tickets online at