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Couple still looking for bargains despite £4.5m UK Lotto jackpot win
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Despite winning a £4.5 UK Lotto jackpot in 2012 Maureen and Jim Emerton from Lincolnshire England, still shop in supermarkets looking for bargains.The couple spoke this week about life since their UK Lotto jackpot win and said that their windfall has allowed them to do things they couldn’t in the past. That’s included a whole host of holidays all over the world. The couple have been to Australia just as John and Jenny Taylor from Surrey in England did after their £137,945.40 EuroMillions win. Other holiday destinations have included New Zealand and the Caribbean, the latter was declared the top place for National Lottery winners to visit according to a National Lottery survey.The couple praised Camelot for the assistance given to them after their UK Lotto jackpot win. Maureen said: “Camelot go out of their way to help. We have had amazing support.” That’s why this week they helped in the search for the recent £9.5m UK Lotto winner who has now claimed their prize.Since their UK Lotto jackpot win, the couple have moved from Nottingham to a village between Grantham and Sleaford in Lincolnshire. They may be millionaires but the Emertons still play the UK Lotto and EuroMillions draws now and then. Perhaps they might get another win just like Bruce Magistro from New York who had two $1m New York Lottery wins.Jim, 62 and Maureen, 61, have also helped their son and daughter homes and cars plus a lump sum of cash. £13.5m UK Lotto jackpot winner Peter Congdon from Truro in Cornwall, England bought his daughter a £900,000 house with some of his winnings. They also plan to help their grandchildren by buying them cars and paying education costs. The UK Lotto winning couple have also made donations to charities such as Barnardos, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Cancer Research.Maureen still goes shopping in supermarkets though. “I go all over - Asda, Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl. I like their central aisle. We also shop in Marks & Spencer,” she joked. Dawn and Malcolm Bosworth from Tamworth, England said they still go to Primark and Asda even after winning a £5.872m UK Lotto jackpot.They also still travel economy and Maureen drives a mini, while her husband has a BMW. Their love of holidays continues in May with a month at their villa in Spain, just outside Alicante followed by a possible trip to Benidorm.Lady Luck could be smiling at you... play online with us at