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Daughter’s first birthday brings luck for Delaware Multi-Win Lotto player
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A man from Delaware in the USA was celebrating his daughter’s first birthday when he won $83,000 on a Multi-Win Lotto ticket and had even more to celebrate.The 40-year-old, from Claymont, Delaware, bought his Multi-Win Lotto ticket for the drawing on April 2nd, his daughter’s first birthday, and he checked the ticket a few days later during a work break. A Canadian teenager from the province of Québec recently won $1,000 a week for the rest of her life thanks to a scratch card that she purchased along with a bottle of champagne on her 18th birthday.The Claymont man told Delaware Lottery officials that he was grabbing coffee with a co-worker when he decided to check his Multi-Win Lotto ticket, and when he realised it was worth $83,000, he took it straight up to the cashier. A father from Bournemouth in England won £1 million on a National Lottery scratch card which he purchased just two months after the birth of his first child, while a Kansas lottery winner said that he was feeling lucky after the birth of his baby daughter, so he bought a lottery ticket which won him $25,000.The store clerk told the Multi-Win Lotto player that a jackpot worth $83,000 had been won locally, and the man replied “yeah, that was me.” After having the ticket validated, the Delaware man said he had much more to celebrate alongside his baby’s birthday. Another Delaware lottery player recently took home $121.6 million on a Powerball jackpot just before Christmas in 2016.When he claimed his prize from Delaware Lottery officials, the Multi-Win Lotto winner said that he hopes to use the majority of his winnings to put down a down payment on a house. “It’s sped up a few processes,” he said, referring to his plans to buy a home for his family. “It would have taken a few more years to save this amount.” A EuroMillions winner from West Yorkshire in England planned to buy a new home for her family after winning £14.5 million.You too could be celebrating very soon... purchase your tickets online at