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Don't Feel Depressed, You've just won a $2.1m Saturday Australian Lotto Jackpot
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A woman from Canning Vale in Perth, Western Australia has become the latest lottery jackpot winner from the state after winning $2.1m in the June 27 Saturday Australian Lotto draw.The Australian Lotto winning family have decided to remain anonymous but the Canning Vale mother said the windfall came at a time when she was feeling "a bit depressed." That's all changed now though because she says that since her family became lottery millionaires, they haven't stopped laughing. In a statement the lottery winner said: "I saw I had all the winning numbers, I thought I must be dreaming." Immediately she called her husband to tell him the great news and the celebrations began.Earlier this year we reported how John Howard said his life wouldn't change after he won $1.4m in a Keno lottery draw, the same can't be said for this family from Canning Vale. They say that the Australian Lotto multi-million win has taken some financial pressure off them. They intend on using their winnings to pay off their mortgage, just like the syndicate from County Meath in Ireland who used their £10.65m Irish Lotto win to pay off what was still owed on their mortgages. Even a group of mortgage centre workers from Greenock in Scotland did the same after a £1.1m EuroMillions win earlier this year.As well as paying off their mortgage, the lucky family hope that their Australian Lotto win will enable them to take an early retirement. That's just what lottery winner Derek Blatcher from Ashton in England did after he won a £100,000 Rainbow scratchcard prize.The lucky numbers in the June 27 Saturday Australian Lotto draw were: 39-17-30-29-15-32 plus supplementary numbers 21 and 41. The winning ticket was sold at Livingston Lot-O-Luck and the store certainly lived up to its name. The store's owner Phil Di Giorgio said he had a strong feeling that he'd sell a big winner soon: "We're always positive and thought a big win was close. We're so happy to have made one of our customers $2.1m richer."However, this is not the luckiest place in Perth to buy your lottery tickets: in February we told you about the Padbury News store who have sold nine first division winning lottery tickets.Do you feel lucky? Play lottery online with us at