Dream Comes True for £821,990 Postcode Lottery Winner

Dream Comes True for £821,990 Postcode Lottery Winner

Dream Comes True for £821,990 Postcode Lottery Winner

Two years ago Sally from Shiplake in Oxfordshire, England dreamt of a big lottery win. It led to her buying another Postcode Lottery ticket and now she’s celebrating a £821,990 win.


The school cook was teased by her husband Murray when telling him about her dream. Now she’s the one that’s laughing after this great win.

Last week saw her presented with a cheque for £410,955. However, because she now had two Postcode Lottery tickets, she also received another one for the same amount.

In her dream she only won a £30,000 Postcode Lottery prize. She’d even been thinking of cancelling her second ticket. It’s taken six years for the win to come along but  a Postcode Lottery player in Nottinghamshire won £111,111 in his first draw.

However, Sally felt something was on its way and had told friends success “was coming” and she was right.

Now the lucky Postcode Lottery winner is busy planning how to spend her windfall. Buying a home is at the top of her spending list. A world cruise is also planned as is helping her family.

Her husband works as a tractor driver and the couple live in a tied cottage on the farm. They celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in September and retirement is on its way for her husband. His wife wants to do the same as she’s recently had some health problems.

Her dream (yes another one) is to move into a larger cottage in Shiplake. It’s something that simply wasn’t possible before this big win came along.


In the past, Sally has gone on cruises with her late mother. Not being a lover of going on planes, that’s the kind of holiday that is now being planned. Also on her wish list  is going to the pink castle in Disneyland.

Will her husband join her though? Their dog never leaves his side so Sally joked that he can stay at home and look after his canine chum. That’ll teach him not to doubt his wife, though we imagine he will make it Stateside.

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