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€1000 El Niño winning tickets found in bag
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Sometimes you get yourself a bargain and then get a surprise when you get home. That’s what happened to a man from Malaga in Spain who bought a bag and then discovered it contained tickets that had won €1000 from this year’s El Niño draw.The man has asked to remain anonymous, just like the recent €250,000 Irish Lotto Plus 2 winner. About a week ago, the Malaga resident was walking through the central street of Atarazanas when he saw a Matties bag that took his fancy. He managed to get a good discount, but a shock was awaiting him when he got home.He found inside the bag 100 tickets for the January 6 El Niño lottery draw and half of them had won a total of €1000. Rather than keeping the El Niño winnings for himself, he went to the police.Quite often, lottery tickets do go missing or are forgotten about. Two friends from South Carolina, USA, forgot about their $1m winning Powerball ticket for 23 days. Linda Tuttle from Michigan, USA, nearly lost her Mega Millions ticket that had won $1m in a pile of old mail.The police visited the bag kiosk, that is owned by Mr. José Luis Martín who until seeing documentation, thought it was a joke. An hour was spent looking through bag catalogues but then the kiosk owner remembered that someone who works in the Lottery Sale Point next door had asked him if he could take a closer look at five or six bags that he liked and took them home with him.A phone call revealed that Juan, one of the people in charge of the Jesús Cautivo lottery administration, had lost 100 El Niño lottery tickets. They had been reserved by the owner of a bar who was a regular customer of theirs. Juan had been searching everywhere for them, convinced the missing El Niño tickets were somewhere in his house or car.Now he remembers asking about those bags last October and when returning them, he didn’t realize that he’d placed an envelope containing the El Niño tickets inside one of the bags. The tickets have now been returned to their rightful owner. Juan said, “I have no words to describe the honesty of this man," and intends giving him a small present. In England, a £74,900 UK Lotto winner gave £1,000 to the shop that sold him his winning ticket.If your purchase your tickets online at, we will check them for you and inform you in writing of your winnings.