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€436,958 EuroMillions win is all about freedom
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Choosing where to buy lottery tickets worked a treat for a man from County Meath in Ireland. Usually he plays online but for a change purchased a EuroMillions ticket in a shop and ended up winning €436,958 in the August 5 draw.The man from the Carlanstown area near Kelis in County Meath has asked to remain anonymous. He usually plays online but he was in his local Centra in Carlanstown so decided to buy a EuroMillions ticket while he was there and he's certainly pleased that he did so.The following day he couldn't believe his luck as he checked the EuroMillions results on his laptop but had he really matched the five main balls and a Lucky Star? A woman in France mistakingly thought she was a big EuroMillions winner.“I had to keep checking and checking to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake with the date but sure enough, here I am in the National Lottery offices with a cheque for over four hundred thousand euro in my hands!”Just how do you describe the feeling of a massive EuroMillions win? “The one feeling which keeps coming into my mind is freedom,” said the jubilant winner. “The freedom from money worries and the freedom to start making decisions. I was in a tight spot financially but this win will give me the freedom to make some important life changes.”His plans for the EuroMillions win include paying off his mortgage. Kit Ireland from Iowa, USA, used her $50,000 Super Crossword win to make a down payment on a house.After that he wants to pay off other bills. Lee Houghtling from New York was delighted when his $1m New York Poker scratch card win meant he became debt free.This latest Irish winner also plans on heading off on a nice holiday in the coming weeks. Rodney and Vanessa Hancock from England went on a tour of Europe after they scooped a £1m Euromillions prize.It's the latest big win in Ireland after a player recently won €11.1m on the Irish Lotto. The winning numbers in the August 5 EuroMillions draw were: 06-19-24-35-37 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 07. If the County Meath player had been able to match the other Lucky Star he'd have won the £20m Jackpot up for offer that night.You won’t be lucky if you don’t play! Seize the moment and play online now at