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El Niño Jackpot Goes to Those Who Need it the Most
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Players all over Spain are celebrating after the El Niño lottery draw held on Friday January 6. The top prize was won by players in Torrent, a city in the region of Valencia with winners receiving €2,000,000 and €200,000.The winning number in the El Niño lottery draw was 08354. The top prize is 2 million euros for the serie and €200,000 to those that purchased a "décimo" which is a tenth part of a ticket, with a different serie.That number was purchased by the Confraternity of El Santo Sepulcro of Torrent. Their patience has certainly paid off as they have been using the same number for 34 years. Sometimes it can take a while for a big lottery win to come along. Tina Thayne and her sister Donna Taylor, from Boston in Lincolnshire, England both won £56,520 playing the UK Lotto draw after using the same numbers for years.Also in England, Richard and Dionne Buss changed their numbers and then won a £1.9m UK Lotto jackpot. Another English player, Jane Lewis, decided not to play her usual numbers and ended up winning a £4.3m UK Lotto jackpot.The Confraterinity purchased 35 series which were distributed in décimos and shares to members, families and neighbours. Mr José Enrique Tronchoni Sanz, President of the Confraternity, which has around 700 members, explained that many of those who purchased tickets are poor and only bought a portion of a ticket, as they were unable to buy a full décimo. He added that their win in the El Niño draw will greatly help them.The winning tickets were purchased in the lottery point number 3, located in Torrent, Avenida al Vedat. Not only have they been using the same number for the past 34 years, all their tickets were bought from that source.Last year it was the province of Almeria that struck it lucky winning the 630m euros El Niño jackpot.That win came just days after the area had also won the El Gordo de Navidad jackpot.The El Niño draw has been very lucky for Valencia as the third prize (250,000 euro to the serie and 25,000 to the décimo) was won in this region, in the town of Benetúser.They missed out on the second prize of 750,000 euros as that was won by a number of areas in Spain including Albacete, Alicante, Cadiz and Granada.The second prize went to the number 95379 and the third prize to the number 85073.Chose your favorite lottery game and play online with us at