Elvis Fan All Shook Up After £640,000 Postcode Lottery Win

Elvis Fan All Shook Up After £640,000 Postcode Lottery Win

Elvis Fan All Shook Up After £640,000 Postcode Lottery Win

A trip to see the home of Elvis Presley in Graceland, USA, is on the spending list of Debbie from Penarth in Wales after her £640,000 Postcode Lottery win.

Graceland trip planned

The estate agent is a big fan of the King of Rock ‘n Roll and certainly won’t be staying in a Heartbreak Hotel!  Her trip to the USA will also see her visit New Orleans, Nashville and Chicago. Another holiday is also planned with her husband, Keith wanting to hire a yacht in Majorca

Going to Graceland will be even more special for the Postcode Lottery winner. It’ll form part of her 60th birthday celebrations.

Debbie had two tickets so won £640,000. The delighted winner doesn’t even live in the winning postcode and was using the tickets her father used to play.

It was her husband who found out how much they’d won and quickly phoned his wife asking her to come home. After being told she’d won a prize, her initial thought was it might be just £2,000 and was all shook up when finding out the real amount.

Off Down Under

Also celebrating is Sarah and her mother-in-law Rose who both won a £320,000 Postcode Lottery prize. Rose has five children and wants to go to Australia to visit her eldest son.

Joking about the impending flight she said: “I want to go business class, not cattle class. I'll get a lie-down seat and could even have a shower on the plane now!” A couple  won $63 million on the New Zealand Powerball  but refused to travel business class.

Neither of the two winners knew the other played the Postcode Lottery. The truth was only revealed when they both received phone calls telling them they’d been successful.

Sarah’s husband was at work driving his van when the winning amount was revealed. His wife called him straight away and told him: “You better stop your van first before I say anything.'"

The dental nurse now wants to buy a new home and go on an exotic holiday, possibly Thailand or Mauritius.

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