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Emoji masked EuroMillions winner celebrates win
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There are a lot of big lottery winners who decide they want to remain anonymous. Not many of them are photographed wearing an emoji face mask. That’s just what a €195,998 EuroMillions winner from County Clare in Ireland did when collecting his prize won in the Friday October 7 draw.The lucky EuroMillions winner brought two surprised friends along with him, who had little idea just why they were with him in Dublin. One said, “We had no idea where he was bringing us until we got inside the door.”It’s not uncommon for lottery winners to remain anonymous, that’s what a $1m New Zealand Lotto winner chose to do. The same goes for a family from Perth, Australia after their $50m Australian Powerball jackpot win.The masked EuroMillions player managed to match the five main balls and one of the Lucky Stars in the October 7 draw. His winning ticket was purchased online. The winning numbers in the draw were 02-12-20-27-30 and the two Lucky Stars were 09 and 11. If this winner had matched the other Lucky Star he’d have won the £140m EuroMillions jackpot. The jackpot finally went in the next draw when a player from Belgium won the £151m EuroMillions top prize.He commented, “I could have come on my own but I wanted to share the experience with my two best friends.”The National Lottery have recently started using emoji masks for winners who wish to remain anonymous. The lucky EuroMillions winner plans on enjoying his win, paying off his mortgage and then “will see what is left after that.” A Scottish syndicate also paid off their mortgages after a £1.1m EuroMillions win.He wasn’t the only happy EuroMillions winner being awarded their prize. A man from Wexford in Ireland, who also wishes to remain anonymous, was joined by his family as he collected a cheque for €500,000. The jubilant player won the top prize in the EuroMillions Pus draw on Tuesday 11 October.The Wexford winner is a full-time carer for members of his family and said he has been “living from week to week on my carer’s allowance.” He described the EuroMillions Plus win as “life changing” and will “take the everyday pressures of making ends meet away for a long time.” It’s the latest big win in Ireland this month after a family recently won a €2,266,323 Irish Lotto jackpot.You really could change your life with just the click of a mouse with