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English couple feel like Top Dogs after £1m Scratchcard win
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English couple feel like Top Dogs after £1m Scratchcard win

A couple from England are celebrating after taking home £1m on a National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard win. They wouldn’t have had their prize if their dog wasn’t such a fussy eater.

Jelly Joy

The couple had finished their big shop but then realised that they still had to buy something for their dog Ollie. The nine-year-old springer-staffy cross is “rather particular about his food” its owner revealed. That meant a trek to the only store selling Ollie’s favourite tins of Butcher’s chunks in jelly.

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Just as his owner was about to leave the store he decided on a “whim” to purchase a National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard. Usually he buys one costing £2 but this time bought a £5 scratchcard and it certainly paid off for him.

Hugs in the Supermarket

He was shocked to see that his National Lottery scratchcard had won £1m but needed confirmation. He got back in the queue and his win was confirmed by a sales assistant. News of his win caused “quite a disturbance” but the winner admits he “thoroughly enjoyed the hugs and pats on the back” given to him. Hopefully there was plenty of hugs and pats for their dog Ollie too.The winners now intend to buy their dream home and have offered to pay for their youngest daughter's wedding. They also plan on putting a deposit down for their other daughter's house.

Travel Plans Galore

Other plans for their National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard win include trips abroad. They had wanted to go to New Zealand earlier in the year for their 30th wedding anniversary but couldn’t afford to. Instead they’ll now do it for their 31st anniversary.The winners also have family members in Canada that they’ve never met, so that’s a likely destination. However, that might not be the end as the couple may just go around the world instead thanks to their £1m win. As for Ollie, he’s being rewarded with a new bed for his part in their big win.

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