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€143m (£122m) EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday
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€143m (£122m) EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday

We’re just a day away from the next EuroMillions draw. Friday’s Superdraw failed to produce a jackpot winner, so the top prize is now up to a massive €143m (£122m). Could it be that a ticket purchased from Lottery24 makes you a multi-millionaire?

The EuroMillions Superdraw held on Friday September 24 had a €130m (£111m). Players all over Europe were hoping that they could match the five main balls and the two Lucky Stars to scoop the amazing, enhanced jackpot.

However, it was not to be, and no ticket could match: 02-12-20-27-41 and the two Lucky Stars 10 and 12. Those using birthdays or anniversaries to select their numbers must have had high hopes of success. Well, they did until 41 was chosen. Now it’s back to the drawing board and hoping more luck is had in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.

Near miss

There were five tickets that were just one ball away from winning the jackpot. They did manage to match the five main balls but only got one of the Lucky Stars. Of the five tickets that won the second-tier prize, one was sold in the UK winning its owner(s) £178,622.50. The other four won €259,151.20 with one sold in France, another in Spain and two lucky tickets in Portugal were winners and so close to the jackpot.

Decisions to make

It was interesting that in Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw, the number 20 appeared. That was the second successive draw in which it had been drawn out. When choosing your numbers for Tuesday’s draw, should you choose it, hoping it’ll make a hat-trick of appearances? It’s just one of those decisions that has to be made when trying to become a multi-millionaire.

What about high numbers? Only three of the last seven EuroMillions draws have had a number higher than 39. As for Lucky Stars, 02 had come out in three out of our draws but didn’t appear last Friday. Both Lucky Stars were in double figures and that hadn’t happened since July 27. Which numbers may make you a multi-millionaire on Tuesday, only time will tell.

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