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EuroJackpot and La Primitiva Jackpots Both Won
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Last week we told you of the big jackpots up for grabs in the La Primitiva and EuroJackpot draws and both were subsequently won in the following draws.The first big win came on Thursday when two tickets sold in Malaga and Marbella both won a total of €27.9m. Their tickets matched 11-13-31-32-47-49 and the Reintegro 04. Two other tickets also won the runners-up prize of €457.954.65.The SuperEnalotto draws on Thursday and Saturday both ended in rollovers. Thursday’s rollover meant there was a €11.1m top prize but tickets failed to match 03-51-55-64-77-79 and the Jolly 34. On Tuesday, the jackpot is €12.1m.The EuroJackpot top prize of €90m was finally won on Friday with two tickets sold in Germany sharing the jackpot. The lucky numbers were: 02-07-24-28-45 and the two EuroNumbers 05 and 08. There were 24 second-tier winners, each receiving €999.914,60. On Friday the top prize returns to €10m.Friday’s Bonoloto draw saw one ticket win the top prize of € 2.343.856.11. The following night there was a second-tier win of € 147.787.79.No luck in the EuroMillions draw with tickets failing to win the £49.81m jackpot. The elusive numbers were: 08-30-33-38-48 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 10. There were three second-tier winners, one sold in the UK won £355,683.30 and two sold in mainland Europe landed €549,967.90. On Tuesday, the jackpot is £57m. Hopefully we’ll get a big winner like Englishwoman Jacqui Shannon who won a £1m EuroMillions prize.There was a winner of the Thunderball draw on Friday with one ticket winning the top prize of £500,000.In the USA, the Mega Millions top prize was $283m but will be $306m on Tuesday. Friday’s numbers were: 02-10-46-50-56 and the Mega Ball 16. A ticket sold in Florida matched the five main balls to win $1m.just like a syndicate from New York, USA, that won $1m playing Mega Millions.The UK Lotto jackpot on Saturday was £9.056m but the draw ended in a rollover. No tickets could match 17-18-29-48-52-54 and the Bonus Ball 01. Wednesday will see players chasing a £10.5m top prize hoping for a big winner like Tom Naylor who won a £15.5m UK Lotto jackpot.The Powerball draw had a jackpot of $80m but failed to produce a ticket that could match 01-10-43-45-64 and the Powerball 22. One ticket sold in Puerto Rico won the second-tier prize to become a lottery millionaire just like the New Jersey couple who also won $1m in a Powerball draw. Wednesday sees a jackpot of $90m.The jackpot wins continued on Sunday evening, when the Joker draw saw one ticket win the top prize of €181.986.30 ending a successful weekend.The next big winner could be you, so purchase your tickets online now at