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EuroMillions announces that Brexit will not affect UK players of the game
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EuroMillions announces that Brexit will not affect UK players of the game

Brexit is adding lots of uncertainty to British life, but EuroMillions will not be affected if it goes ahead. They will still be able to play the continent-wide lottery game.Some players were worried that last week’s £170 million jackpot was their last chance of scoring a nine-figure EuroMillions prize. EuroMillions has confirmed that players do not have to live in an EU member country to play.

EuroMillions is a geographical game

For example, Switzerland has never been a member of the EU. Lottery players there have been taking part in the EuroMillions since October 2004.“The UK’s participation in EuroMillions is based on geographical location and not government policy,” the statement said. You can also play the EuroMillions if you are a UK citizen living in any other country participating in the lottery.

You can play in any participating country

You don’t have to be a citizen of a EuroMillions playing country to buy a ticket there.However, wherever you bought the winning ticket, you must also claim the prize there. So, if you buy a ticket while on holiday in France, for example, you have to stick around to claim your winnings.If you play online with Lottery24, then we can collect the prize on your behalf.

The weak pound makes for better jackpots in the UK

In the last couple of years, EuroMillions jackpots have increased for UK players. This is because the value of the pound fell against the Euro due to the uncertainty of Brexit.Each jackpot is initially valued in Euros. On the night of the drawing, the top prize is then converted using the current exchange rate into British Pounds and Swiss Francs.This is why the most recent winner broke records with their £170m win. Previous record holders, Colin and Chris Weir, won the same amount in Euros back in 2011 but ended up with £9m less.