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EuroMillions finally won by one player in Portugal
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Friday night’s EuroMillions lottery was worth an approximate £150 million for the draw on Friday evening, and as it had hit its ceiling value all eyes were on who would pocket the top prize.The lottery had rolled over for the last time on Tuesday evening, hitting the £150 million, or €190 million, ceiling, and EuroMillions had insisted that the jackpot would be won on Friday. If nobody had matched all of the main numbers and both of the lucky stars, then the jackpot total would have been paid out at the next prize winning tier – to those ticket holders that matched all five main numbers and just one out of the two lucky stars.However, luck was in the air for one ticket holder in Portugal, who matched all of the numbers 3, 9, 20, 30 and 42 as well as both lucky stars 1 and 6. This winner found their life changed on Friday, October 24th when they won a lottery prize of €190 million.While we do not yet know the details of this winner, we’re sure that they are spending their weekend planning how to spend their millions, and maybe consulting with family and financial advisors before they come forward to lottery officials. As well as the jackpot winner, Friday night’s EuroMillions draw also found that nine players took home the second tier prize fund, also making another few millionaires.The nine second tier lottery winners took home £1.6 million each for matching the first five numbers as well as one Lucky Star. Thanks to the lottery having reached its cap, any extra prize money generated through ticket sales was rolled down to the next tier instead of being added to the jackpot.There were also 24 players in the third tier that won prizes worth £37,442 for matching just the main five numbers as well as hundreds of thousands of other prize winners. The lottery jackpot will be worth an estimated £15 million for the next jackpot on Tuesday, October 28th and ticket sales have already reopened for those that want to try their luck.For your chance of also becoming a winner, purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at