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EuroMillions fortune split between two European lottery players
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The EuroMillions lottery on Friday night was offering a jackpot worth an estimated £11.2 million, and two lucky ticket holders were able to get their hands on the cash, one based in Spain and the other in the UK.One ticket holder in the UK and another in Spain matched the winning numbers 9, 13, 15, 19 and 24 as well as the Lucky Star numbers of 3 and 8 to win a share in a jackpot. Split right down the middle, each of the EuroMillions winners will find themselves a cool £5.6 million richer after the weekend when they can claim their prize with lottery officials.As Friday night was also the final EuroMillions draw of the month, there were also 10 UK winners in the Millionaire Maker game. This game allows 10 ticket holders to become millionaires thanks only to the raffle number printed at the bottom of their ticket. The Millionaire Maker game also gives each of these ten ticket holders a first-class, luxury holiday, and this month that holiday was a trip around the world.As well as the top prize and the Millionaire Maker winners, the EuroMillions lottery also found winners at lower prize tiers. There were six second tier prize winners who matched all five main winnings numbers and one out of the two lucky stars; however none of those winners were to be found in the UK. There were, however, 16 winners of the third tier prize fund, each of whom won £24,233 thanks to their matching the first five numbers, and five of those 16 winners were found in the UK.On top of these winners, there were over 1.2 million other winners across Europe at lower prize winning levels, winning amounts ranging from £2.60 up to £1,762. The next EuroMillions draw will take place on Tuesday, February 3rd in Paris, and it will be worth an estimated £11 million as well as the usual one Millionaire Raffle winner.Try your luck with the EuroMillions lottery by playing online with us at