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EuroMillions retailers will split bonus prize between staff
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The store that sold last week’s winning Irish EuroMillions ticket will receive a €25,000 bonus and split it all between their hard working staff.The store sold the winning €87 million EuroMillions ticket in September and they received a €25,000 bonus from the lottery operator, which will be spent on a huge party for all of the staff, and then split equally between them. Dave Whelen, who owns the Centra store in Ballybrack, Dublin, told lottery officials that each of his 16 staff will receive an equal cut of the money.First of all, however, Mr Whelan will spend some of the money on a big staff party, and then each of the staff members are set to receive around €1,000 after taxes are subtracted. Despite their celebration in the store, Mr Whelan admitted that he doesn’t think they will ever discover who the big winner was, in spite of the fact that it was probably a local resident.The Centra store is a very busy local shop, and gets a lot of business every day including EuroMillions players, although the owner did say that they don’t often experience passing trade. “The real possibility is that it’s a local person,” said Mr Whelan, telling lottery officials that having sold the winning ticket is a great boost for the store.The store is now busier than ever as locals are buzzing to find out who the winner was, and champagne is flowing within the store as locals celebrate the fact that one of their own has become a EuroMillions multi-millionaire. Centra store manager Simon Collier told the local press that he was away on holiday when the winning ticket was purchased, but that he was delighted when he returned to work to find out what had happened.“It was a complete surprise,” he said, adding that for a while he was in shock. Local players also told the local press how exciting the atmosphere was in the store and in the local area and many had come down just to try to find out who the winner was.Don’t forget to purchase your tickets online at on Friday October 3rd there is a EuroMillions Superdraw, with an estimated jackpot worth €100 million!