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EuroMillions Winner of £76m Finally comes forward
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EuroMillions winner of £76m finally comes forward

The mystery EuroMillions winner of the £76m jackpot in the November 2 draw has finally come forward. Andrew Clark from Lincolnshire, England has claimed the 12th biggest UK win.The 51-year-old works as a builder and tends to stockpile his lottery tickets. This explains why it took him so long to discover his big win. Amazingly, the EuroMillions ticket was tucked in the visor of his work van.His partner Trisha and her niece implored him to check his tickets. It became a standing joke that while the hunt was on for the mystery winner, he had so many unchecked tickets.

Six Weeks Unchecked

Six weeks passed before he finally checked those tickets and got the shock of his life. "It almost feels like some magical Christmas story, the man who nearly lost £76 million!" exclaimed the jubilant EuroMillions winner.The win was claimed earlier this month and Andrew has already started spending his massive win with the purchase of a new home and two new cars. As many lottery winners say, the best thing about their windfall is being able to help their family. Now that he is a multi-millionaire, his building days are over and the EuroMillions winner is looking forward to retirement.

Big Plans for Next Year

Perhaps surprisingly, the lucky winner is planning for Christmas to be “a quiet affair.” However, the delighted player pledged that “next year will be a different story.” The couple have a vision of hiring a big lodge or hotel next year for a massive family Christmas celebration. The emotional player added: "This win isn't just about Christmas magic, it's about creating a lifetime of magical moments for all those around us."The numbers that gave him his massive win were 05-15-17-37-44 and the two Lucky Stars 07 and 11.

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