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EuroMillions Winner Quits her Job Finally
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EuroMillions Winner Quits her Job Finally

Despite her partner having £76m in the bank, a EuroMillions winner quits her job finally. Trish Fairhurst, the partner to EuroMillions winner Andrew Clark, initially carried on working. Now after three months as a lottery millionaire, she has decided to leave her job.[caption id="attachment_13165" align="aligncenter" width="620"]euromillions winner quits Andrew Clark and Trish Fairhurst with their winnings[/caption]

Amazing Discovery

The 52-year-old is the partner of Andrew Clark who scooped his £76m EuroMillions jackpot win in the EuroMillions draw held on November 2. The winning numbers were 05-15-17-37-44 and the two Lucky Stars 07 and 11. It took him six weeks to discover he was the big winner, finally checking his ticket which had been in his van.

Carry on Working

Despite being a millionaire, Trish didn’t immediately quit her job as a hospital kitchen worker at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, England. The reasons she gave were that she enjoyed being busy and didn’t want to let her work colleagues down. That’s all changed now though as the lottery winner said: “I’ve handed my notice in, that’s all. I’ve decided to leave of my own accord.”Her friends aren’t surprised at the news that Trish has finally quit her job, saying: “She was a single mum for a good while and she’s worked her socks off - so it’s no wonder she’s decided to call it a day.” The couple also loves going on holiday and there are likely to be plenty more of those in the future.

Spending Spree

Since their EuroMillions jackpot win the couple has been busy buying cars. Trish went out and purchased a modest £20,000 Nissan Qashqai but that’s their cheapest vehicle. The couple now owns five supercars, including a Ferrari that is worth £184,000 and a £70,000 Mercedes-AMG.Their most expensive purchase has been a new detached home that cost them £700,000. The luxury house includes an indoor pool, home gym and there are two acres of private land.

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