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EuroMillions winner from Scotland moves back home with her mum
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A teen millionaire from Edinburgh in Scotland has moved back home with her mother after winning £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery led to her feeling lonely and bored.Jane Park became one of the UK’s youngest lottery winners when she scooped £1 million from the EuroMillions with her first ever lottery ticket aged just 17 years old. Since then, she has gone on a spending spree, and bought more than 50 pairs of expensive trainers, bought herself a detached three bedroomed house, spent much of the summer on holiday, and treated friends and family to as much as their hearts desired.However, despite moving into her luxury new home, she found herself lonely and bored and has since moved back in with her mum in Niddrie. She has also begun working night shifts in a taxi office to pass the time and ensure that she doesn’t get bored.The EuroMillions winner, who was just 17 when she won her million, is planning to spend her second New Year as a millionaire in New York City with friends, but Ms Park has said that not being able to share her more comfortable lifestyle with her less well-off friends has been difficult. Taking the job at the taxi company was a method of gaining work experience in order to broaden her horizons, as the EuroMillions winner said that she wouldn’t be able to spend all of her days sitting around at home waiting for her friends to finish work.“If I get really bored and want a job, I’ll be able to say I have experience of doing that, as well as having worked in an office and doing a bit in a hairdressers before,” said the 19 year old millionaire. In order to continue keeping herself busy, the EuroMillions winner has also been involved in helping to organise teen club nights at venues around Edinburgh as well as Dunfermline and Falkirk.Choosing how to spend and share her EuroMillions money has been the hard part about the win, said Ms Park, however the lottery winner is very philosophical about what her win has meant to her. “Money can’t buy love, true friends of family, what it does bring is a certain amount of happiness. You can do things you never would have done before, but it’s better if you have someone to do it with”, she said.In the next EuroMillions draw on Friday December 19 there is an estimated jackpot worth £11 million: don’t miss this chance and play online now at